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    Deca Durabolin


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    Deca durabolin  better known as Deca, is without a doubt the most  popular anabolic steroid  . Its active ingredient is nandrolone. The  Nandrolone  is intended to increase the assimilation of dietary protein, gain muscle fast. Nandrolone also has a positive effect on the psychological level because it improves self-confidence or reduces aggressiveness. Our online pharmacy puts at your disposal deca durabolin cheap price and fast delivery everywhere in France and abroad.

    Deca durabolin: buy online

    Nandrolone is an anabolic steroid derived from testosterone. Originally manufactured by the company  Organon , nandrolone is now marketed under different names. Nandrolone is widely used in the sports and health fields.

    Nandrolone indications

    The  Nandrolone  is indicated for increasing the assimilation of dietary protein (fish, eggs, meat). Often used in heavy surgery for burn victims, in people in a state of deep undernutrition.

    The nandrolone  DECA DURABOLIN  is best known and buy in the sports field. It allows during a prolonged cure of several weeks to gain muscle quickly. The anabolic effects of nandrolone are strong but with fairly weak androgenic effects. Nandrolone causes water retention in the joints which considerably weakens the pain during dumbbell exercises. In addition, this substance stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers and increases the bone mineral content. The  steroid effects nandrolone are present 3-4 weeks after you start taking it. Deca-durabolin has an active life of 14-16 days and is detectable over a period of 16-18 months. It has an oral bioavailability of 2.24% and is commonly injected by intramuscular injections.

    Taking  deca durabolin  varies according to weight, state of mind and is different in men and women.
    The recommended dosage for men is 250-500mg per week over 8-12 weeks.
    In women the recommended dose is 50-150 mg per week over 4-7 weeks. It is highly recommended to combine Poviron or Nolvadex towards the end of deca-durabolin treatment.

    Deca durabolin: Side effects

    Although used in the pharmaceutical field, in particular for the treatment of HIV and certain cancers, the use of steroids is prohibited in sports. The use of steroids is likely to cause undesirable effects including:
    severe acne, hair loss, liver damage, cardiovascular problems, increased bad cholesterol and decreased good.

    Impact on sexual characteristics

    * in men: breast enlargement, reduced sexual capacity, temporary sterility, inhibition of sperm production.

    * in women: increased hair growth, change in voice and menstrual cycle. They have a damaging impact on pregnancy.

    To avoid complications, the use of nandrolone deca durabolin must be submitted to a medical opinion.

    Nandrolone is a product prohibited by the world anti-doping code. It is an easily detectable product in the urine

    Deca durabolin: Price in France

    Deca durabolin precautions

    The  NANDROLONE  must always be used in combination with other drugs. The weekly dosage is 200 to 800g. For athletes participating in official competitions deca-durabolin is not recommended because its detection time is 12-18 months after treatment.

    Deca durabolin is available in pharmacies under medical prescription, but we note that the people who use nandrolone the most are more athletic for rapid muscle gain. So to buy deca durabolin often they go to the gyms or some unsavory circuits. However it is possible to obtain Deca Durabolin in France safely and inexpensively in our online pharmacy.

    Deca durabolin Price  : The price of deca durabolin varies depending on the dosage and the number of ampoules desired. Deca durabolin varies between € 6.00 and € 12.00

    Deca durabolin price 120.00 € the package of 20 ampoules dosage of 25mg
    Deca durabolin price 164.00 € the package of 20 ampoules dosage of 50mg
    Deca durabolin price 260.00 € the package of 20 ampoules dosage of 100mg

    There are more and more sites offering the purchase of deca durabolin at very attractive prices, caution before making your purchase on the internet.



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